Are you needing expert advice on developing the midwifery workforce? Equanimity consulting can work with you to optimize:

  • the relationships among affiliated providers
  • scopes of practice
  • pathways to education
  • budget for services
  • human resource requirements
  • regulations and policies
  • public engagement



Equanimity Consulting can help you to strategically introduce midwives into your care environment and lead team building and information sessions for maximum cohesion. We will work with you to examine alternatives and maximize competency. We can help to determine the systems and protocols for most efficient functioning.

We can design measurement tools and an evaluation approach, considering your key performance indicators, to guide improvements.



Equanimity Midwifery Consulting is here to:

Advise on education, scopes of practice and introducing midwifery services

Evaluate based on your goals.

Optimize your reproductive healthcare workforce.

Plan your midwifery services



Through careful consultation, discussion, planning, evaluation, and system development, the midwifery workforce can be optimized to the benefit of both health institutions and consumers.

Schedule a discovery call so I can better understand your challenges and together, we can design a custom solution.