Equanimity Midwifery Consulting is led by Dr. Lisa Morgan, RM, PhD (Health Policy). Lisa is a strategic leader with extensive experience in health care and program/project management. Lisa is a midwife, educator, researcher, and former faculty member and Director of the School of Midwifery at Laurentian University. Lisa has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Health Policy and is a member of a regulated healthcare profession.

Equanimity Midwifery Consulting has in-depth knowledge of regulations, legislation, especially as it relates to privacy, records management, and government policies. Having served on multiple Boards of Directors and numerous committees, Lisa has the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with a diverse group of stakeholders. Years of attendance at more than one thousand births is evidence of her ability to thrive under conditions of unpredictability and competing demands. With a confident, reassuring, positive, and calm demeanor, honed through ‘crisis’ situations at births and military college training, she has experience rebuilding workplaces through compassionate leadership.

Lisa Morgan graduated from McMaster University with a B.H.Sc. (Midwifery) in 1999, and what started as training to be a military officer, was followed by years of experience managing operations, and later as the owner/partner in a large midwifery practice, followed by global health project management, and leadership as a university professor and Director. This has required flexibility, an ability to multi-task, and the skills to respond to rapidly changing environments.


Speaker, Educator, Presenter, Writer, Accreditor

Dr. Morgan is an excellent communicator and an experienced speaker, and educator with an ability to communicate in French, and strong speaking and writing skills in English. This is evidenced by multiple publications, presentations, and the completion of her PhD thesis in Interdisciplinary Health Policy from the School of Rural and Northern Health at Laurentian University. Lisa Morgan completed her Masters in Midwifery Practice at Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom. Lisa has her TCPS2 certificate and understands data stewardship, ethics, and privacy legislation. She has the research skills to design, collect, analyze, and professionally report on areas of interest in both qualitative and quantitative traditions. Lisa has a keen eye for examining evidence and serves as a peer-reviewer for numerous quality journals and offers expert opinions to various regulatory colleges. Lisa Morgan has a Food Science Degree (B.Sc.) from the University of Alberta. Lisa has written and presented on nutritional counselling skills for health care providers, as well as authored a chapter on the subject in a Canadian Midwifery e-book, as well as the ALARM International Manual. Lisa Morgan spent many years teaching emergency labour and delivery skills as part of ALARM (Advanced Labour and Risk Management) teams, conducting week-long training sessions across Canada and abroad. Lisa Morgan served as a long term guiding member of the MORE-Ob program, delivered through Ontario hospitals to care providers working together in L & D suites.

Dr. Morgan was a professor in the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University for 14 years and assumed the role of Director for the final 2 years. Lisa was the English Faculty representative to the Canadian Midwifery Educators Accreditation Council and founding member. Midwifery Education Standards and competencies are of great interest and Dr. Morgan has been involved in the authoring of guidance documents both nationally and internationally. Lisa also works with the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), coaching midwifery schools to ICM accreditation standards. Lisa is currently working with colleagues is Laos and will be acting as an accreditor in upcoming ICM visits to midwifery schools globally.

Global Health Manager

Lisa has done global consultancy work in Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Malawi.  Dr. Morgan lent her expertise to the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) funded EMBACE Project (Enhancing Maternal, Child and newBorn health in Remote Areas through revitalized health and Community Engagement) with ADRA Canada, with aims to contribute to the improvement of maternal, newborn and child heath in four countries: Cambodia; Myanmar; Philippines; and Rwanda. Lisa also served as a project manager for the GAC funded Tabora Maternal & Newborn Health Initiative (TAMANI Project). Deliverables included: creating job aids on topics chosen by local health care providers; designing the training for health care workers on emergency obstetrical and newborn care (EmONC ), and family planning; and supporting improvements to the system for maternal death audit. Lisa spent time living in the Tabora region of Tanzania, visiting villages and health workers. The work required that she speak Swahili, as Lisa was training trainers to teach emergency skills in their native language, with the help of new simulation equipment.

Lisa Morgan has extensive experience in program planning, development, execution, and management through formal training in project management. Equanimity Midwifery Consulting can envision the systems necessary to organize work, implement changes, review, evaluate for effectiveness, and improve through collaborative input, for maximum effect. Lisa Morgan has demonstrated these skills through accreditation preparedness assessments, curriculum design and development, global health project development and management, and by taking the lead on several national and international projects on accreditation, clinical competencies, and standards.